Company Profile

The Najibi Group of Companies is a large, diversified business conglomerate. Rooted in the Middle East, Najibi has been in business for over 50 years, and has tackled heavy-duty challenges on the road to success. As one of the region’s largest independent family-owned groups, Najibi is built on a resilient foundation of trust, commitment and integrity, and even through changing and turbulent times, Najibi has scaled from strength to strength, across different business industries.

Najibi was set up in Manama, Bahrain where, decades ago, trade and commerce flourished in conjunction with the discovery of oil and gas reserves in 1932. Bahrain soon rose to the forefront of business hubs in the Arabian Gulf, and it is in this environment that Najibi began to develop its business practices.


Through interests in trade, construction, manufacturing and hospitality, Mohammed Najibi founded the business, and injected direction and guidance into the group that grew it into the powerful, diversified conglomerate it is today.

Talal Yousuf Mohammed Najibi carved a niche for the organisation through his vision, which was supported by his late father Yusuf Mohammed Najibi. He is now one of the pivotal heads of the business across many industries in the Middle East: Union Industries and Coastal Trading and Company LLC, to name a few.

A strategic move in 2003 brought the Najibi General Trading Company LLC (Dubai, UAE) under the leadership of Talal Yousuf Najibi, and in accordance with his directive, Najibi incorporated a keen focus on the retail sector, and undertook ventures in real estate, manufacturing, industry and trade. Through the last 50 years, Najibi has developed lucrative projects and ventures in Dubai’s bustling, modern business eco-system.

The conglomerate has courted heavy success with Talal Yousuf Najibi as its founder and Executive Chairman, and with the support of its board of directors. Najibi also boasts a dedicated team of professionals who believe in innovation and progressive business management models. The group’s corporate strategy reflects a commitment to sustainable business practices, balanced responsibility, continual growth and sustainable productivity.

Multiple awards from partners and various industries have been awarded to Najibi’s employees, who have delivered the Najibi brand to its current status. The group’s motto is ‘Persistence, Diversification and Innovation’, and the group collectively believes that by offering a wide range of products an services and excelling in customer relationships, Najibi will continue down the road to success and in turn lead its stakeholders to profitability.